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17 is planned to be a mixed use development located on the northwest corner of the 17th Avenue SW and 14th Street SW intersection in Calgary. Once built, 17 will consist of residential units, street-front boutique retail and potential for an urban market.

The prominence of the proposed location creates an opportunity for a significant landmark. 17 is envisioned as a gateway project that will provide a high-quality transition from urban residential communities into the city centre. 17 will transform and enhance the existing character of this vibrant node by providing a welcoming place to call home and easy-to-access amenities.

While 17 is still in the early stages of planning, the following elements are being considered as part of the design:

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The Process


Public Engagement

The Land Use Application is currently being reviewed by the City of Calgary. The public comment period has closed and is no longer open for input at this stage of the planning process.

Check back often to learn about the status of the application, the forthcoming Development Permit application and future opportunities for public engagement.


What is an Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP)?2018-09-12T17:19:28+00:00

An Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) outlines high-level requirements for future developments such as where particular sizes and types of buildings in a given community can be located. Essentially, an ARP guides how land can be used, what can be built and what improvements to existing infrastructure are required.

ARPs are intended to supplement the Land Use Bylaw by outlining how much discretion the Approving Authority can exercise.

What is a Land Use Redesignation?2018-09-12T17:19:53+00:00

A Land Use Redesignation application is a planning application to change the land use district of a property to allow for a particular development. It is also known as a land use amendment.

A Land Use Redesignation application will be submitted to the City of Calgary in conjunction with the Sunalta ARP amendment. If approved, the redesignation would allow the development of a comprehensive mixed-use residential building with commercial and residential units.

Why is ASI amending the current ARP?2018-09-12T17:19:45+00:00

17 resides in the community of Sunalta which has an existing ARP. The current Sunalta ARP presents limitations for a comprehensive mixed use development therefore ASI has requested an amendment. If the amendment is approved, ASI will be able to design 17 to provide increased density in this prominent and highly-desirable location. It is ASI’s goal to create a development that could potentially spur new and exciting residential and commercial growth in the area.

What is a Development Permit?2018-09-12T17:20:00+00:00

ASI will submit a Development Permit application during the ARP Amendment and Land Use Redesignation process. A development permit is a document that is reviewed by The City to ensure that a proposed project meets the criteria set-out in existing land use bylaws and other relevant policies. All applications will be reviewed side by side before a final decision is made.

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