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Arlington Street Investments (ASI) is in the initial planning stages for its Royal Park Redevelopment Project (Royal Park).
Located on the 800 block of 17th Avenue SW, directly across the street from Calgary’s beloved Tomkins Park, this exciting new project offers the opportunity to enhance the avenue by:

While many aspects of the project are still being determined, ASI is considering two land use options for Royal Park:

  • Option 1: Mixed use and residential. Commercial and retail would reside on the main level with about seven floors of residential suites above.
  • Option 2: Boutique Hotel. Commercial and retail would reside on the main level with about seven floors of accommodations above.


What is a Land Use Amendment?2018-09-12T17:15:24+00:00

A Land Use Amendment (LUA) is a planning application that is submitted to the City of Calgary to change the land use district of a property to allow for a particular development. It is also known as a land use redesignation. If approved, the LUA would allow the development of a comprehensive mixed-use building with commercial and residential units, or a boutique hotel with commercial at grade.

What is a Development Permit?2018-09-12T17:16:42+00:00

ASI will submit a Development Permit application during or after the LUA process. A development permit is a document that is reviewed by The City to ensure that a proposed project meets the criteria set-out in existing land use bylaws and other relevant policies. All applications will be reviewed side by side before a final decision is made.

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